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Digital High Resolution Controllers (AC digital servo)


The DHC Series High Resolution Controllers provide the optimum positioner for virtually any AC powered actuator. The DHC-100 Series are directly interchangeable with the AMC or LRC Series.

  • Adaptive Control feature continuously adjusts for load and actuator conditions and positions to ±0.1° with quarter-turn actuators ranging from 2 sec to 120 sec (with or without a brake).
  • Three button control provides easy setup and eliminates the need for instrumentation, calibration procedures, and auto-cal operations.
  • Polarity Detection feature allows direct or reverse acting operation without re-wiring.
  • Electronic Brake feature (DHC-100 Series only) can eliminate need for a mechanical brake and extends brake life if used.
  • Stall Detection feature protects actuator motor from a stall condition.
  • Automatic Duty Cycle Control feature prevents shutdown of a process due to a thermal overload of the actuator motor, and allows actuators rated for 25% duty or more to be safely used.

Voltage Single Phase 5A 3-Phase* List
117VAC DHC-100 DHC-300 $317.00
234VAC DHC-100A DHC-300A $333.75
DHC-100B DHC-300B $323.25
* 3-phase controllers require an SSD-100 and XFR-100.

Single Phase 5A
117VAC DHC-100C CE Ready
234VAC DHC-100D CE
DHC-100E CE Ready

Option Modules

Model Description List
OTX-100   Current / Voltage Transmitter (adjustable) $60.00
OTX-101 Isolated 2-wire 4-20mA Transmitter (adjustable) $72.00
OTR-100 Transmitter (adjustable) and Relay module $128.25
OTR-101 Isolated Transmitter (adjustable) and Relay module $154.00
OCM-102 Modbus Module (Isolated RS-485 connection) $390.00


Model Description List
AMM-100 Auto/Manual Station interface module $40.75
SIG-100 1-5 / 2-10 VDC Signal Adaptor, 21K ohms $12.50
SSD-100 3-Phase Solid State Driver
(for DHC-300 Series only)
XFR-100 Step Down Controls Transformer
(440/380/230VAC to 115VAC)

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