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Relay Current Trip Modules (DC On/Off controllers)


TheRCM-101 Series Current-trip Modules are DC actuator motor controllers that shutdown the motor when the adjustable current limit is exceeded.  The units are operated by external switches, relays, or transistors that drive the OPEN and CLOSE inputs of the unit.  The units also include on-board switches that allow for convenient local operation of the actuator.  These units operate over a wide voltage range from 10.25 to 30 VDC.

Model Trip Range 1-5mA Feedback Snaptrack® Mount Standoff Mount List
RCM-101 5A
RCM-101A 5A

X $175.00
RCM-101B 5A X X
RCM-101C 5A X
X $196.00
RCM-101D 10A

X $175.00

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