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Electric Actuator Application Information

(Click link to download PDF)

  • 800-111A - Replacing Dual Feedback Pot with XMA-106 Voltage Transmitter
  • 800-79D - Troubleshooting Guide - AMC-100 / AMC-101 / LRC-101
  • 800-113A - Troubleshooting Guide - AMC-103
  • 800-141D - Quick Cal & Troubleshooting Guide - DHC-100 / DHC-200
  • 800-174A - Quick Cal & Troubleshooting Guide - DHC-300
  • 800-184B - Quick Cal & Troubleshooting Guide - DHC-400
  • 800-80F - Troubleshooting Guide - DMC-100
  • 800-151A - Troubleshooting Guide - DMC-101

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